Ankit Gupta

HCI & Health Informatics Researcher | Visual Analyst | Full Stack Developer

First Date with Blender

WoodOnCloth_reducedBlender is a great free and open-source tool for creating 3D computer graphics. In my knowledge it is the only open-source tool that gives a real competition to its commercial counterparts. I have come across it several times and always wanted to learn it. But, I kept procrastinating. Finally, I got some free time last week and got hands on a very nice video tutorial on YouTube. The tutorial is easy to follow and I was able to learn the Blender interface and was able to replicate the tutorials to produce some really nice graphics that I am really proud of. Here are couple of images that I have created so far.

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What can you do with Java annotations? – Part 1

Java 5.0 introduced annotations among many things. Annotations are a way of adding metadata to Java elements such as classes, methods, variables, parameters and packages. An annotation in its simplest form looks something like this:

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What does brushing and linking mean in information visualization?

Visualization systems generally consist of several independent visualizations, each allowing exploration of a different aspect of data. Over years, researchers have developed several interaction techniques to allow users to explore data. Two of these several techniques are Brushing and Linking.

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  • 19 March 2018
    I got a full-paper accepted at Pervasive Health 2018
  • 15 March 2018
    Qualified for SFU 2018 3MT finals