ankit gupta


FitViz is a web application developed for arthritis patients and their clinicians. The application was developed to help the arthritis patients make sense of their physical activity data — collected using Fitbit — with respect to their clinicians’ recommendations and for the clinicians to view physical activity progress of their patients.

The application was developed using Ruby on Rails as backend, and uses d3.js to generate information visualizations of the physical activity data.


CZSaw is a desktop application which was developed to help users analyze text documents based on named-entity relationships. The applications allows exploration of a large document collections and determine relationships between different entitities — people, location, organization etc. This work was focused towards text analytics in an intelligence analysis setting.


SWAPP (Sleep/Wake behaviour APP) is a web application developed to help caregivers of children with neurodevelopment disorders and their doctors. The application allows caregivers of children to log sleep and daytime activities of children and visualizes the logged information over time. The visualization allows the caregivers and clinicians in understanding and improving the condition of the child.

The application was developed using Ruby on Rails and the visualizations are built using d3.js


fitgem_oauth2 is a Ruby gem which allows developers or Ruby/RoR developers to use the Fitbit API in their applications.

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